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Welcome to my private practice in Vienna!

I offer solution-focused therapy in a warm, judgement-free and confidential atmosphere.


1010 Wien

0660/838 8914

When to seek help?


Life can be wonderful and exciting – but at times also very challenging and difficult. Many problems can be dealt with or solved on your own or with the support from family, friends or colleagues. However, this is not always enough and it might be a very good idea or even crucial for your life situation and health to seek treatment.

People often seek therapy when they feel unable to live the life that they want to; when they have lost hope and the desire to live; or when they cannot solve their problems and make the changes they want to on their own or even with the support from their network. Others seek therapy because they have problems that keep coming back such as depressive symptoms, anxiety attacks, relationship problems or obsessive thoughts. Others again use therapy to prevent symptoms from reoccurring and have so-called “booster-sessions” every 3 or 6 months to remind them of how to cope with various issues.

Sometimes, a few sessions are enough to set a process of change in motion – other times, a longer course of therapy might be necessary.

My background is in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which is an evidence-based and highly effective psychotherapeutic approach and also includes modern techniques such as Schema Therapy and Mindfulness. 

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